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Marvin R. Askew II is a distinguished Veteran of the United States Air Force and an emerging talent in the film industry, specializing in directing, producing, and cinematography. Currently associated with Expressed Entertainment in Buffalo, NY, Askew's journey in the arts began under the mentorship of his father, Marvin R. Askew Sr., the esteemed Director of Buffalo City Ballet. This early exposure to the theatrical ballet dance industry profoundly influenced his artistic development.

Throughout his teenage years, Askew expanded his artistic repertoire, exploring various forms including music, acting, and spoken word poetry. His versatility in these fields earned him the nickname "Phranchiz" and established him as a versatile artist within the Buffalo arts scene. His contributions to poetry and acting have been significant, enhancing the cultural landscape of the region.

Askew's filmography is both diverse and impressive. His roles have ranged from acting in films such as "Banshee" and "The War at Home" to technical expertise as the Director of Photography for the Film Festival featured "The Glass Floor" and Visual Effects specialist for the feature film "The Romans." His skill in visual storytelling is further exemplified through his work on numerous music videos for independent artists in the Buffalo area, collaborating with notable names such as Hip Hop Artist D-Mack of Loyalty 1st Ent., Johnny Proper, Alex Anonny, Mike Liggz, and R&B Artists Tifani, Jetaun Louie, and Delaney Daniels.

Marvin R. Askew II is passionate about his craft and is enthusiastic about the opportunity to showcase his work. He welcomes feedback and is open to collaborative projects. For inquiries or potential collaborations, Marvin R. Askew II invites you to contact him.

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Produced By Marvin R. Askew II

Produced By Marvin R. Askew II

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I consider myself the luckiest person in the world. Each day, I capture beautiful scenes, meet people from all walks of life and learn new skills. My career has been an emotional, fulfilling journey, and I’m proud to showcase highlights of my work on this site. Take a look at what I’ve been involved in with Expressed Entertainment Studios and let me know if you want to learn more.

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