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Allen vs. Farrow - My thought so far...

If you don’t know much about me, I would say that I’m an independent filmmaker looking to better myself in this somewhat challenging time of making featured film content. Currently I have been watching documentaries and I came across the docuseries showing on HBO Max called “Allen Vs. Farrow”. This documentary brings the behind the scene look of the relationship between famous Oscar Winning Director Woody Allen and Golden Globe Winner Actress Mia Farrow. WIth the look of their relationship, it also sheds light on the beginning and ongoing allegation of Woody Allen sexually abusing his daughter, how Allen & Farrow’s relationship ended with Allen ending up marrying Farrow’s adopted daughter Soon-Yi Previn.

I’m not embarrassed to say that professionally, Woody Allen is probably one of the greatest directors in the 20th Century. It’s never about the camera’s he uses or anything spectacular about what recent technology that was used in his films to make it look good. Even if you take a look at his films, you feel somewhat of an amatuer or semi-professional had shot. It is always about the story, the story is what gets people and that is how he has managed to rise to stardom. This is one of my gripes about filmmaking of today...too many directors try to make their films look sexy while having stories not very interesting. Allen’s most iconic films are never in genres of sci-fi, fantasy or action, but mostly in real life and real life situations. He has found that magic to break through the audience with just writing a very good script.

The issue I have come to about watching this docuserise is the fact that I’m watching it through the lens of a Black Man. At this time of me writing this, HBO Max has only aired two episodes, but they have delved into so much information and evidence that you would have thought to yourself “This guy should have been in prison for what he has done”. Video & Audio recordings, witness testimonies probably anything you can think of and… NOTHING. Bill Cosby and Woody Allen are around the same age and what they both have done in their private lives I do not condon. The hilarity comes when you look at the privilege in which was given to Allen to continue with his career in the film industry, whereas Cosby was shunned from ever doing anything from infront or behind the camera.

As much as hope for the mental recovery for all of Mia Farrow’s children, especially Dylan Farrow (Woody & Mia’s daughter) who was sexually abused by her father. This documentary does bring light to the fragile distrust of powerful men inside the movie business and the white privilege that goes along with it. Woody Allen will not go to jail, he did not have to leave the country to live his life… he can live the rest of his days at home, in New York City, still married to his ex-partners daughter who happens to be his daughters sister, in public watching the terrible New York Knicks.

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